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It’s our primary goal to provide outstanding medical care to our patients. Our staff cares about how they affect people’s lives and we realize how meaningful it can be to get you back on the road to recovery again. Neurological diseases and conditions can often be cured with minimally-invasive surgeries, an area that we specialize in.

About NeuroSpecialists

The physicians and staff of NNS are committed to providing high-quality, efficient care that is focused on our patients.

We aim to return you to a fully functional lifestyle where you can do the things you love to do, and stop worrying about your neurological condition.

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Quality Neuro Care

If you are looking for neurological treatment in Tucson, you need to look no further. Get in touch now to learn more about our practice and services. Get driving directions to personally meet our Neurologists or Neurosurgeons in Tucson, request an appointment, or just pick up the phone to call us at 520-742-7890 or 800-637-4567 …help is just a phone call away.

Serving Tucson, AZ

Northwest NeuroSpecialists (NNS) is a privately-owned medical group which provides medical care in the fields of Neurology and Neurological Surgery. All of our physicians are Board Certified in their respective specialty so that any conditions or diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system can be specifically addressed with special regard to individual requirements.

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  • Board Certified
  • Specializing in Neurology
  • Qualified Surgeons
  • Diagnostic Services Available
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Caring Staff
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